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Aurory: Crypto/Web3

The Aurory project is a ground breaking, Web3, Crypto adventure in the Japanese RPG style of game play. Featuring NFT’S OR Nefties and cute collectables, this is a sure fire hit in the making!
XQA is proud to partner and provide full QA services for PC, Mac and Mobile platforms for this exciting, soon to be released title.
Solitaire Tripeaks

Solitaire TriPeaks: Mobile

Scopely/GSN brings you TriPeaks Solitaire, a new and exciting way to play an old family favorite on your mobile devices.
Featuring a new play features and fun characters this game is truly addictive!
XQA is happy to provide functional testing from their North American facilities as well as management for the offshore teams, to ensure that this fantastic game remains in great shape!
Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse: Console

Ever fancied playing as a Chicken, Horse, Racoon or Sheep, well this fantastic party platformer lets you do just that! With a hilarious take on the multiplayer platform genre, that will have you in stitches!
XQA is happy to provide it Console testing on Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch to make sure this game remains super fun and bug free!
Spirit Farer

Spiritfarer: Console

With over 50 awards and nominations and over 1,000,000 installs this beautiful and epic masterpiece is an enchanting and deeply moving adventure where the player gets to find lost souls and grant them their last wishes before ferrying them to their final resting place Everdoor.
XQA is extremely proud to have been a part of the QA testing that helped Spiritfarer release without issue.

ATT 5G WNBA Game View: AR

AT&T*, the Official 5G Innovation Partner of the WNBA, offers WNBA fans a way to customize content & interact with the game unlike ever before, with the AT&T 5G Game View.
Using augmented reality, fans can see game and player stats during live games, watch customizable clips and access real-time 3D stats.
XQA is proud to have supplied QA services to test this groundbreaking app for iOS and Android.
Tower Tag

Tower Tag: VR

Tower Tag, the Epic VR arcade experience is now available for your home VR system, featuring futuristic environments and gripping thrill of the seat action gameplay!
A hyper-dynamic futuristic paintball/laser tag style PVP shooter with a grappling hook locomotion method that becomes second nature instantly.
XQA is proud to have tested this amazing VR title by the creative team at VR Nerds!

“I have been using XQA for my testing needs on Aurory, one of the leading blockchain game on Solana. They have allowed us to scale our testing operations 10x with their expertise, collaboration and overall dedication to their craft. it's not every day you get to work with experienced testing teams that can customize their services to your needs. We needed to shift into a live ops approach for one of our live games, and XQA came back to us with a solid plan to support us in our needs. It was a win-win decision for us. Highly recommend if you are looking for guidance, help and support for your testing needs!”

Jon Campeau
Head of Production at Aurory

XQA really helped us to deliver the quality we needed for Backyard Adventures, extremely impressed with their test team, who found and reported even the most minor issues so that the game was a polished gem come launch time. Would highly recommend these guys if you need great QA

Mark Tern
Senior Manager at Backyard Adventures

“Bringing XQA on to help us with functionality and ad-hoc testing was a game changer. As a small business, it allowed our engineers and product manager to maintain focus on their tasks and helped cut our development timelines in half. They’re such a pleasure to work with and waste no time jumping in on timely projects. We couldn’t recommend them enough if you’re looking to elevate your workflow.”

Alexa Reyes
Founder at Become Yoga

I have been so impressed with XQA that I have recommended them to several of our clients here at Crosby Beach. They have single handedly documented our entire QA process and mapped out all core features for our product, while testing and ensuring a clean release 10/10

Michael Fahey
Co-Founder and Owner at Crosby Beach

"We outsourced to several vendors over the years but by far XQA was always at the top of the list. Their talent pool is unmatched in terms of veteran, experienced testers and no matter what we threw at them, VR, Mobile, Console, the quality of the work was always the same – outstanding.”

Bill Pamer
Director of Development at EA Mobile

Simply put, A joy to work with, XQA did an amazing job for us and we cannot recommend them highly enough

Paul F
Senior PM Digital Assets at Eventide

Professional, reliable, open and honest, what more could you ask for in a QA company! XQA is miles ahead of the competition and we were lucky to have found them.

Geoff T
Senior VP of Sales at Get It Right

“I like the subject matter expertise and best practices that xtensionQA brings to my projects. They are able to come up with test plans, procedures and detect product defects that no one else in my team is capable of.”

Ricardo J Rodriguez
Independent Consultant / Advisor at Independent

XQA is the only company I can put my hand to heart and say that I would recommend for outsourced QA, we hired them to supplement our teams after we lost some internal testers left during a crunch period, leaving us in danger of missing our launch window. XQA were able to get us experienced testers who got up to speed on our game incredibly fast, and start finding issues immediately. Truly a joy to work with, would use them again on any future project!

Mark L
Senior Development Director at JayDevs

XQA have provided a fantastic testing service for Journey, they have been very flexible with fitting in to our release cycle and every test is diligently run with clear results we can action.

Gary Lister
CTO at Journey

We hired XQA to test our wide range of mobile titles that were being ported over from other platforms and were highly impressed with the work done by Andrew and the team, the reporting was detailed and we loved the fact we were able to talk directly to the team throughout their shift to get clarification when needed and get updates on the fly. 10/10

Andrew F
Senior Manager at Lumosity

XQA really saved the day for us on our launch title, after we were let down by the quality of testing, we had from a previous company. They found almost 150 issues not identified by the previous teams and although we were forced to miss our launch dates as a consequence, we were happy that the game went out clean! 5/5 stars all around

William P
Co-Founder at Marobi Games

“We were hesitant to use an external firm for our IP, however when XQA was referred to us we decided to take a chance. XQA alleviated our fears almost instantly with their openness and transparent way of working. At all times we knew what they were testing and where our money was being spent, with the end result a nigh on perfect release for us! can’t recommend highly enough.”

Frederick C
Executive Producer at MOKA

“XtensionQA were fantastic to work with. Their team integrated seamlessly with our processes and project’s needs. They were integral to our project’s stability and always willing to go the extra mile to keep pace with such a fast-moving project.”

Gabriel Rallis
Executive Producer at Nexus Studios

We hired XQA to test our new platform and were impressed with the techniques and tools they used to uncover issues for us, the reporting was top notch and identified for us the weaknesses in the system based clearly upon the KPI's that were set for them. Evan was really helpful and came up with ideas and ways to test that we had not thought of ourselves. Overall, a great experience

Manuel F
Executive Producer at Parallelz

We hired XQA to test our suite of Casino titles for mobile and were very impressed with their professionalism and transparency, along with the quality of their work. Our back catalogue needed a major re-release after being live for so many years and XQA was able to test them on the latest devices and find log an amazing number of issues, that really helped us bring them back to life!

Head of Digital Casino Operations at Penn National Gaming

“We hired XQA to test our suite of Casino titles for mobile and were very impressed with their professionalism and transparency, along with the quality of their work. Our back catalogue needed a major re-release after being live for so many years and XQA was able to test them on the latest devices and find log an amazing number of issues, that really helped us bring them back to life!”

Head of Digital Casino Operations at Penn National Gaming

"I have had the pleasure of engaging XQA's services in two different companies and positions, and I intend to continue doing so for my future QA requirements. They consistently deliver top-notch test plans for our software and uncover critical issues that had previously eluded our internal teams. Throughout the entire process, they provide us with clear and concise reporting. I wholeheartedly rate them 10/10 and highly recommend them to anyone considering outsourcing their QA."

Vincent Deschenes
Co-Founde and CTO at Pillar

“We hired XQA in 2020 for a high-profile web project and were so impressed with their services that discussion was held on bringing them inhouse. Solid, dependable and easy to work with, they integrated quickly with our own teams and were a joy to work with 10/10 rating from us!”

Tanya Fitzgerald
Senior Marketing Manager at PWC

So glad to have found a QA company that actually delivers on its promises! XQA have helped us on several projects now and each time they never fail to bring their A game, supplying us with only experienced and easy to work with test teams that really deliver great results! 10/10 will definitely be using their services in the future.

Paul Gains
Operations Manager at QSoft

"We hired XQA to test one of our leading platforms and were very impressed with their level of professionalism as well as their attention to detail, they worked hard to ensure we were always up to date with the latest information and helped us tremendously with launching on time and error free.”

P Zhang
VP Gaming Technologies at Tencent

I cannot rate XQA highly enough, we have used their services for our web and mobile testing several times over the past few years and are always happy with the results.

Jason Southard
Owner and Founder at Transformweb Ltd

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