Certification Testing

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Ensuring your game passes compliance testing for all major manufacturers

XQA makes sure your game conforms to all manufacturers’ applicable norms by providing you with a complete analysis of requirements from each of them..
We ensure your game respects your methodology, objectives and standards with the help from the experts at XQA.
Compliance tests are an integral part of delivering a product to the public. These tests are based on requirements set by every manufacturer and depend on a diligent verification.
With XQA, requirements which aren’t met are quickly flagged in the spirit of quickly making adjustments to ensure a successful certification process..
Thanks to an array of tools we’ve developed, combined with meticulous testing methods, your game’s compliance will be established or, if discrepancies arise, you will receive a communication on the modifications to make, in detail.
With the different types of certifications, our tests allow in-depth understanding of each manufacturer’s crucial points and guide you towards options which factor in time and effort to accomplish them.
Partner with us to leverage the expertise of our Compliance testing team and ensure your game passes all platform guidelines and test requirements the first time.

Why Compliance or Standards testing is essential to the success of your game

The QA team needs to be certified to perform console game testing which is due to – high-security requirements by the console manufacturers as well as the game developers.
High standards of security are involved in console game testing so that, the game does not fail certification and increase the game developer’s cost. In order to make these games available on consoles, they are passed through additional approval and certification processes set by console vendors.
To test a console kit, the QA Team must have access to certain hardware.
Console games cannot be tested on a regular retail console kit that is available to customers in the market and can only be certified on specialised hardware made avaiable through the vendors developer affiliate programs.
At XQA we are prud members of the Sony, Microsfot and Nintendo developer programs and as such have access to the altest "Dev Kits" from each of these vendors as well as their up to date testing requirements, so that we can ensure your game is being thouroughly tested against the latest hardware and test criteria, therefore ensuring your game a first time pass.

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